Five Lessons I’ve Learned From Ac Repair

plenty you don’t really need a whole lot then I’m going to screw this back on to my gage assembly and you probably want to work gloves when you do this because you’ll notice on my hands already this is die it will stain okay your refrigerant they come in smaller cans too and then this one came with this this attachment that screws on at the top here and I should.

Have said this to start with there’s like a little thing that punctures the top of that can in here so you want to turn it all the way out we tore you try to screw it down onto the refrigerant container and there we go now I’m forgetting something very crucial here which I’m going to go get right now you know that movie where they say you’ll shoot your eye up well with AC work.

It’s possible you can freeze your eye out not cool so whenever you’re working with AC stuff just put your safety glasses on before there was no pressure in the system but right here this is my pressure so I have to respect this now take your third hose and put it on to the end here make sure both valves are closed so turn them all the way clockwise now you run down the puncture. we do that I’m going to take a little bit of this dye and put it inside this hose best way to do this I think.

just to unscrew the hose here because you’ll note there’s no Schroeder valve in there the other end has a valve assembly so you’re not able to pour it directly in there but you are able to pour it into here and now I’m just going to add just a little bit of dye to the inside this hose gonna let it seep down in there and that that should be.

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