Things About Movers You Have To Experience It Yourself

soif you’re moving here and you just wantto find some nicecheap apartment this is where I live I’mobviously alive nothing happens to me sowill carefultoday we shallI’m gonna drive you guys off this streetand just so you know it’s very hotoutside so I’m sweating because I can’tdraw in the air you all hear me but I’mtaking you guys up like the main crossstreet which is Sepulveda.

you can seewhat’s around this area so what I likeis if you look to the right there’s agas station and then if you look thisway there’s a CVS a John’sI thought that was a Ralph’s so groceryshopping here see where I’m from it’slike jewel and will they got rid ofDominic’s but it’s Ralph’s and John’s Ilike Ralph’s but there’s a John’s righthere and then there’s a McDonald’s thatI’m not going to lie I used to drive tooeven though it’s literally right thereand then there’s another gas station onthe same corner.

I don’t know why butit’s just like that out here if you goup that way on the is there becauselike the main highways yeah I’ll do thatin another video but like the isright there and then the and the is somewhere this way but yeah I’m goingto turn on Sapulpa now and I’m going toshow you guys just like that Main Streetall rightokay so Sepulveda also has a bunch ofapartments um but if you look.

it’s apretty like it looks like a safe areahere’s that John’s Bank of America andChaseso everything was pretty walkingdistance I like this area but then likeif you look on the right side it’s abunch of motels like on that it’s reallyhot I’m basically showing you guys whereI’m a few like going in the gym the onetime I ever had a gym membership in mylife was when I lived in this apartmentand it was at the hour fitness but onthis street there’s an LA Fitness andthen I’ll show you guys where the hour fitness is so if you look at thatit’s just an open road of stuff you knowyeahmore gas stations Domino’s subwaythose eyes that Wingstop I don’t likeMike stop baskin-robbins a fresh andeasy so yeah this is like the Van NuysSherman Oaks.

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