Ways On How To Get The Most From This New Ac Unit Tucson

Actually a smaller one back here I think this one is the outlet and then from there it cycles around down into here comes back up out here and then back into the compressor I believe the output side sits around pounds the in the the return side sits around a hundred and fifty pounds which is pretty standard it does run it does cool unfortunately the temperature out here right now is not sufficient to get this compressor running so I’m going.

To have to use my body heat to this is what what that wire that was inside this unit it’s a temperature sensor so I’ll have to heat this up a little bit and I’ll be back in just a few minutes and I’ll show you it turn on all right I realize I forgot to talk about what could actually go wrong with these units for the average person basically the only thing you’re going to be able to repair is a blown fuse you’ll find them basically behind this panel every time usually.

They’re this barrel new ac unit Tucson style fuse sometimes they’re the automotive style fuses but they’re they’re going to be in this general area the other thing is this capacitor fairly easy to repair not repair but replace as long as you discharge them first take any piece of metal go from one one set of contacts to the other and if you’re not sure which is the hot and which is the is the neutral just do it all three ways a bunch of times and you’ll discharge it and then just undo it take it to a local.

AC repair place and they should be able to get you a new one fairly cheap okay so I’ve had this temperature sensor on my hand for a little while heated it up to above the lowest temperature that this will go to which is degrees get this up here so you can actually see before you you attempt anything like this you want to make sure that nothing’s going to impede either of the fans there’s no wires hanging around.

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